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SHINee Pairings | Pimp Post


Inspired by onew 's DBSK Pairing Pimp Post

Don't forget to click the pictures for full size :'D

종유 - JongYu (Jonghyun x Onew)
Also known as BlingDubu. Jonghyun and Onew are often seen singing duets together ever since their first duet "So Sick" and "Because of You". Since then, they've also sung songs like "Did We Really Love" and "I Will Forget" together. They've also sang Fly to the Sky's Like A Man live on M!Countdown. They both have also been Radio DJ's together on Super Junior's Kiss the Radio. The two seem to be very close to each other and were first noticed to be very comfortable with each other during SHINee's ELLE photoshoot. Onew has also said in a magazine interview that if he were a girl he would want to date Jonghyun.
Personal Note: I really like this pairing since they both have AMAZING voices and they seem like SHINee's two leaders ♥

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키 - JongKey (Jonghyun x Key)
Also known as BlingKey. Perhaps the most popular SHINee pairing (Based on votes at SHINee Forums International). Both treat each other as brothers as they are often seen fooling around together in various episodes of SHINee's Reality Show. They were first seen fooling around behind the scenes of M!net Pop Magazine. Jonghyun and Key were room-mates before debut which probably explains their camwhore picture. There's alot of skinship in this pairing since Jonghyun and Key are often hugging each other. There were also speculation if Jonghyun and Key were brothers when SHINee debuted (since they look similar). Both Jonghyun and Key seems to be camwhore buddies as well. They also have their own secret high-five during LLO performances.
Personal Note: These two definitely love hugging each other alot and they seem like a pretty cute pairing ♥

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종호 - JongHo (Jonghyun x Minho)
Also known as Jongminho, Jongmin and MingBling. There are many pictures of Jonghyun and Minho together since they are placed next to each other in SHINee's order (Onew-Taemin-Jonghyun-Minho-Key). Even when SHINee aren't in their placement order, Minho is still seen next to Jonghyun. Minho is often caught looking at Jonghyun. Minho was also caught pulling a prank on Jonghyun (♥) Both have worn the same wristband. Minho was also seen running back for Jonghyun backstage during MKMF.
Personal Note: -cough- OTP OTP OTP OTP ♥

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온키 - OnKey (Onew x Key)
Onew and Key are often called the Umma and Appa couple since they both treat Taemin like their son. Both Key and Onew are the most outspoken and wildest members of SHINee. They are very crazy together in Episode 8 of SHINee's Yunhanam. Key also likes to drag Onew to the washroom apparently.
Personal Note: After I watched the washroom video of them, ajksld;fjlsdf ♥

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민키 - MinKey (Minho x Key)
Also known as KeyMin, KeyMinho and 91-line (Based on the fact that they're both 91-ers and stand together). Key and Minho both stand next to each during pictures as it's the order they're in. Key is often seen whispering in Minho's ear during fansignings etc. Minho is often seen comforting both Jonghyun and Key during award ceremonies when they cry ♥
Personal Note: I don't see much action from this pairing but they're cute ♥

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태민호 - TaeMinho (Taemin x Minho)
Taeminho, better known as 2MIN, are the two youngest in SHINee. The two are very close to each other and often talk to each other behind the scenes. During a radio show, Minho talks about Taemin and how Taemin only has Minho. Taemin has said that if he were a girl he would date Minho. Minho has also said that if he were a girl he would date Taemin. They have also been seen playing around at the end of MKMF together.
Personal Note: This pairing's definitely cute but um, I actually don't like this pairing much *runs*

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온태 - OnTae (Onew x Taemin)
The Appa and Son couple. Onew treats Taemin as his son and is often seen walking Taemin and Minho to school. Onew and Taemin are next to each other (in their order) and they are often talking to each other during different events.
Personal Note: Heh, Father and Son ♥

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온호 - OnHo (Onew x Minho)
Also known as Minew. There aren't many pictures of Onew and Minho together but there is some action during videos. They're said to be an ideal couple since Onew talks more than Minho lol. Onew xD; Onew often treats Minho like his son as well while Minho likes to play around with Onew (♥)
Personal Note: Why is there not much action from these two? D: ♥

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태현 - TaeHyun (Taemin x Jonghyun)
Since these two are also next to each other in order, they're often seen in pictures talking as well. Taemin and Jonghyun are very affectionate towards each other as they are seen taking care of each other and holding hands.
Personal Note: Um, I dunno about this pairing that much :|

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태키 - TaeKey (Taemin x Key)
The Umma and Son couple. Key treats Taemin like his by cooking food for him and even cooking lunches for Taemin's date on Yunhanam. Key's also admitted that he has a weakness for Taemin as well.
Personal Note: Mother and Son! xD; I think it's really cute how Key takes care of Taemin. But then Taemin just lashes out! ;o ♥

Livejournal Community:

FINALLY DONE omg. I'll bet your they're 5 million mistakes. I'll fix them tomorrow >>; I have to sleep right now. I'm barely awake 8)
And please do correct me if there are mistakes?
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